B-17 Flying Fortress - Foto der B-17 41-2599

B-17 41-2599
Foto der B-17 #41-2599 / Tugboat Annie

[No restrictions oder Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Delivered Lowry 26/2/42; Hamilton 7/6/42; with Bruce Gibson Assigned 93BS/19BG Hawaii; transferred 65BS/43BG; took part in Midway battle; ditched close to Lae 16/1/43 with Harris Lean, Co-pilot: Albert Fair, Navigator: Ruby Johnston, Bombardier: Alf Retzhy, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Louis Wells, Radio Operator: Minor Smith, Waist gunner: Wendell Revers, Waist gunner: Claude Robinson,Tail gunner: Russell Owens (9RTD?); TUGBOAT ANNIE.

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