B-17 Flying Fortress - Foto der B-17 42-32086

B-17 42-32086
Foto der B-17 #42-32086 / You Never Know



Delivered Cheyenne 22/1/44; Kearney 7/2/44; Presque Is 18/2/44; Assigned 401BG Deenethorpe 3/3/44; transferred 749BS/457BG [N] Glatton 5/3/44; battle damaged Mannheim 9/9/44 with Loren Hampton, Co-pilot: Earl Johnson, Navigator: Bob Mattox, Bombardier: Andy Friesen, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Maurice Diehl, Radio Operator: Russ Karl, Ball turret gunner: Cliff Digre, Waist gunner: John Brown, Waist gunner: Alex McDermott,Tail gunner: Glen Seeber (8 Returned to Duty); Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Earl Rinehart (Killed in Action); wg-Mike Pipcock (POW, Murdered on 24/25 November 1944) ,Tail gunner: Glen Seeber (KIA); but bailed out before ship force landed friendly territory at Joigny, France; ret 11/9/44; according to one source, probably sustaining battle damage and mixed up with operation to Gaggenau the following day.); crash landed between Senan, Neuilly and Champlay, France. Salvaged 15/2/45. YOU NEVER KNOW.

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