B-17 Flying Fortress - Photo of B-17 42-30213

B-17 42-30213
Photo of B-17 #42-30213 / Li’l One



Delivered Cheyenne 29/4/43; Gore 9/5/43; Sioux City 10/5/43; Smoky Hill 11/6/43; Dow Fd 15/6/43; Assigned 562BS/388BG Knettishall 1/6/43; crashed on take off for Bremen after encountering mechanical problems 13/11/43 with Bob Simons, Co-pilot: Alvin Marcus, Navigator: Bob Gudgel, Bombardier: John Pond, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ira Mooney, Radio Operator: Erwin Rehder Wounded in Action, Ball turret gunner: Tony Giangreco, Waist gunner: Bill Thompson, Waist gunner: Bob Pardue,Tail gunner: Chas Hash (10 Returned to Duty); crash landed East Wretham, Nfk; UK. Salvaged. LI'L ONE.

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