History of the
B-17 #41-9045 / Stinky aka Tennessee Belle

Assigned 414BS/97BG Polebrook 3/42; transferred 92BG Bovingdon 24/8/42; crash landed Agricultural College, Athenry, Ireland, near Galway Bay, 15/1/43 ex N/Africa after taking part in 1st Prov Grp of Gen Brereton in Eritrea (as No 8.). En route Portreath, Cornwall with Tom Hulings, Co-pilot: Jim McLaughlin, Navigator: Clyde Collins, Radio Operator: Larry Dennis, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ed Parish,Tail gunner: Sgt Tucker plus passengers:-Generals Barnes, Palmer, Brooke, Col Sexton, Major Hormelnwere, Capt Rawlings, Sgts Pippin, Herrie, Planchard, Bery, Tocer and Bollard (18 Returned to Duty). Aircraft was dismantled and returned to USAAF base at Langford Lodge. Salvaged. STINKY, aka TENNESSEE BELLE.

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  1. von Toro am 21. April 2019 0:11 Uhr

    Stinky 45 exist on film of 1st mission of 8thAF. Prolly on diversion group bc not on list of main group.


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