Pilot’s Compartment

The pilot’s Compartment is between the Nose Section and the Bomb Bay. It contains the Pilot and Co-Pilot flight controls and instruments. there is also a power turret with twin 0.50 cal. machine guns for the Engineer to operate.

Nose Section

The Nose Section provides a Compartment for the Bombardier and the Navigator and an electrically powered chin turret operation two Browning machine guns located unter the Bombardier’s station. there are also two check guns lacated in this section.

Bomb Bay

Located just behind the Pilot’s Compartment, ten 500lb bombs are stacked here and can be released electrically by the Bombardier or mechanically by any member of the crew.

Radio Compartment

Just behind the Bomb Bay, accessed through a catwalk past the Bomb Bay is the Radio Compartment. All messages are transmitted and received here.

Ball Turret and Waist Section

Behind the Radio Compartment and below the Waist Section is located the Ball Turret equipped with twin 0.50 cal. machine guns. Two flexible 0.50 cal. machine guns are lacated on either side of the waist section manned by two waist gunners.

Tail Gunner’s Compartment

Situated at the extreme end of the tail, this section has two direct sighted 0.50 cal. machine guns.

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