B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies Interned in Switzerland

During the second World War many allied and German aircraft were forced to the landing due to navigation faults or fight damages in Switzerland or had to land there.

Force landed B-17 and B-24 at Dübendorf
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons // Force landed B-17 and B-24 at Dübendorf
Date Location Result Returned S/N Name
17.Aug.43 Utzendorf Landed 42-30315 Battle Queen
17.Aug.43 Dübendorf Landed 42-30080 High Life
06.Sep.43 Dübendorf Landed 22.Sep.45 42-3434 So What?
06.Sep.43 Dübendorf Landed 01.Sep.45 41-24592 Madame Butterfly
06.Sep.43 Dübendorf Landed 05.Sep.45 42-30478 Impatient Virgin II
06.Sep.43 Magadino Landed 15.Sep.45 42-5841 Est Nulla Via In Via Vituti
06.Sep.43 Romanshorn Landed 42-30057 Raunchy
01.Oct.43 Ragaz Crash 42-30126 Sugar Foot
01.Oct.43 Alvaneu Crash 42-5856 Hubba Hubba
14.10.43 Reinach Landed 42-30831 Lazy Baby
25.Feb.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-37755 Dottie G
16.Mar.44 Zugersee Crash 42-38160 Lonsome Polecat
16.Mar.44 Dübendorf Landed 08.Oct.45 42-31585 Mount N’ Ride
16.Mar.44 Diepoldsau Landed 42-31329
16.Mar.44 Wildhaus Crash 42-38195
18.Mar.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-37825 Super Ball
18.Mar.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31871
18.Mar.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-97515
18.Mar.44 Altenrhein Landed 42-37793 Spirit Of Winsome Winn II
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 08.Sep.45 42-32073
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31747 Angel In The Skies
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31977
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-38196
13.Apr.44 Siebnen Crash 42-31184
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-97064
13.Apr.44 Altenrhein Landed 27.Aug.45 42-30233 Rhapsody In Flak
13.Apr.44 Oberglatt Landed 42-31691 Lassie
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31866 Pride Of The Yankees
13.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 04.Sep.45 42-107021
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31632
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 08.Sep.45 42-31993 Genril Oop/Lil Brat
24.Apr.44 Baltenswil Crash 42-31921 Lil’ Brat
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 04.Sep.45 42-31172 Miss Patricia
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 11.Sep.45 42-37885 Frosti
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 27.Aug.45 42-97138
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 12.Sep.45 42-31669 Shoo Shoo Baby
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31758
24.Apr.44 Greifensee Crash 42-102446 Little Chub
24.Apr.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31914 Butch
24.Apr.44 Genf Landed 42-38204
24.Apr.44 Altenrhein Landed 01.Sep.45 42-97203
24.Apr.44 Neftenbach Crash 42-31539
27.May 44 Payerne Landed 27.Sep.45 42-107042 Liberty Run
27.May 44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31899 Chatterbox
27.May 44 Knutwil Landed 42-97603 Gremlin Buggy II
13.Jun.44 Magadino Landed 11.Sep.45 42-31865 Ole Ironsides
11.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 11.Sep.45 42-102651 Piccadilly Ann II
11.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-37976 Manchester Leader
11.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-37873 Lonsome Polecat
12.Jul.44 Payerne Landed 22.Sep.45 42-97957 Beyond My Dreams
12.Jul.44 Payerne Landed 22.Sep.45 44-6111 Hell’s Belle
12.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 15.Sep.45 42-102457 Gloria
12.Jul.44 Schlappintal Crash 42-31552
13.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 27.Aug.45 42-107031
13.Jul.44 Emmen Landed 42-31074 Cahepit
13.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-97905
13.Jul.44 Payerne Landed 11.Oct.45 42-107137
16.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 08.Sep.45 44-6112
18.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31889 Mammy Yokum
19.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-97237 Royal Flush II
19.Jul.44 Obersaxen Crash 42-107075 Champagne Girl
20.Jul.44 Payerne Landed 25.Sep.45 42-3524 Vonnie Gal
31.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-38034 Twat’s It To You?
31.Jul.44 Dübendorf Landed 01.Sep.45 42-107092 Umbiago/Freckles
03.Aug.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31655
05.Sep.44 Dübendorf Landed 12.Sep.45 43-37866 Blues In The Night
13.Sep.44 Dübendorf Landed 01.Sep.44 42-31995 Heavens Above
23.Sep.44 Dübendorf Landed 42-31834 Holey Joe
09.Dec.44 Altenrhein Landed 12.Sep.45 44-8193
05.Feb.45 Scarl Crash 44-6678
25.Feb.45 Ermensee Crash 42-31989 Black Magic
25.Feb.45 Diepoldsau Landed 43-39018 Dinah Mite
25.Feb.45 Müswangen Landed 43-37854 Touchy Tess
27.Feb.45 Dübendorf Landed 19.Sep.45 44-8187
27.Feb.45 Trimbach Crash 44-8248 Mickey
20.Apr.45 Dübendorf Landed 01.Sep.45 44-6347 Princess O’Rourke