B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies The Crew

B-17 crew positions
B-17 crew positions
1. Bombardier 6. Radio Operator/Gunner
2. Navigator 7. Ball Turret Gunner
3. Pilot 8. Right Waist Gunner
4. Co-Pilot 9. Left Waist Gunner
5. Top Turret Gunner/Engineer 10. Tail Gunner

The pilot and co-pilot

The pilot and the co-pilot must be able to start and to land the machine well and safe. They are two officers of higher ranks. Although the B-17 is a big machine she don’t need any more than a pilot to flying.


The navigator

The navigator must up to the aim and again conduct the machine of the lift back to the base. He must know the exact position of the machine at every time. Although his work requires unusual precision and concentration, he must nevertheless be able to circulate in his station with the 0.50 caliber MG, know all other bomber systems and learn how the turrets and the radio equipment are operated.

The bombardier

The main task of the machine and her crew is the effective and exact bombing of the aim. The success of the mission hang fundamentally of the bomb marksman as of and of what he on the narrowest room and in the short time over the aim can do. He takes on the control during the approach to the bombing, till he he is and remains a commander so long if the signal “bombs away”! gives. The bombardier must know his bomb aim device, be able to operate the bomb equipment and instruments as well as be trained thoroughly for the aim reconnaissance. However, he also must be able to operate the chin turret gun which is below the bomb sight device.

The radio-operator

The Radio Operator must know everything about his radio equipment. He must provide position reports, upkeep the tuning of the radio sets and maintain a comprehensive log of messages. The radio operator also must operate the 0.50 caliber MG in the radio room (if available).

The engineer/Top turret gunner

A good technician knows a lot about the machine, the engines and the arming like in his vest pocket. He is for the complete technical equipment and therefore also responsible for the lives of all crew members in the machine. He also must be a good gunner.

The gunners – defender of the B-17

The B-17 was developed as a well protected machine-gun platform. The performances of the gunners determine all the effectiveness of the B-17. Gunners must know the firing ranges of your weapons and her fast and for certain visors be able to. The gunners should master be and know of opposing machines in the reconnaissance, machine-guns work like yours. In addition, you must be able to take advantage of the visor facilities correctly. Good guners should be able to deal with all other positions in the machine.

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