B-17 Flying Fortress Mysteries

There are countless archival photos of the B-17 and its crews. Many have an identity and their own story to tell. Nevertheless, there are many photos where the identity is unclear and the exact serial number of the B-17 is not known.

In this section "B-17 Flying Fortress Mysteries" I collect so far unidentified B-17 and try to find out the serial number. Some may be solved this way if further information and data is found. My goal is to give as many as possible an identity and thus a history with the help of other historians.

If you have any hints, feel free to use the comment function for the respective B-17.

B-17G Buzz Buggy

B-17G Buzz Buggy New

B-17G “Buzz Buggy” of the 92nd Bomb Group. Serial number unknown.

B-17 Screwball

B-17 Screwball Unsolved

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress “Screwball” of the 401st Bomb Group at an 8th Air Force base in England, 27 April 1944.

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’ Solved

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’ – a 301st Bomb Group B-17F whose serial number is unfortunately obscured by a propeller blade.

B-17G with damaged fuselage

B-17G with damaged fuselage Solved

Men inspect a Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress” damaged during a mission over enemy territory. The plane is attached to the 91st Bomb Group at Bassingbourne, England. 11 July 1944.

B-17F ‘The Greater Cleveland Slovaks’

B-17F ‘The Greater Cleveland Slovaks’ Unsolved

According to the information, Slovaks in Cleveland and Pittsburgh gave away two B-17s to the US Army. One of them was the B-17F ‘The Greater Cleveland Slovaks’.

B-17F with WASP Unit

B-17F with WASP Unit Solved

Original image caption: Their planes are ready, and the Wasps break off their conversations about flying. Soon they will be at the controls of a Flying Fortress on a gunnery mission in the sub-stratosphere over Florida.