History of the
B-17 #42-30191 / The Bolevich

Delivered Cheyenne 24/4/43; Smoky Hill 14/5/43; Tinker 24/5/43; Smoky Hill 29/5/43; Dow Fd 1/6/43; Assigned 525BS/379BG [FR-C] Kimbolton 6/6/43; Missing in Action Schweinfurt 17/8/43; flak, crash landed wheels up on road between Elfershausen & Trimburg, 13 miles NW of Schweinfurt, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 1765. THE BOLEVICH.

Details 42-30191 / The Bolevich

B-17 #42-30191 The Bolevich crash landed on 17/08/1943

sites.google.com/site/379thbgnoseart/ // B-17 #42-30191 ‘The Bolevich’ crash landed on 17/08/1943

Crew 42-30191 / The Bolevich

P2LTDonald W. MerchantPOW
CP2LTJames E SullivanPOW
BOMB2LTLeonard J. RomanPOW
ROT/SGTJohannes H. JohnsonPOW
BTS/SGTRobert T. TongePOW
WGS/SGTEdgar Van ValkenbergPOW
WGT/SGTHarold B. RidgelyPOW
TGS/SGTJohn L. WierzbanowskiPOW

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  1. von Leslie Williams am 21. July 2017 9:25 Uhr

    My dad was Leonard Roman. I am grateful to have this historic photo access.


  2. von Scott Van Valkenburg am 16. November 2017 5:28 Uhr

    My dad was Edgar Van Valkenburg. I agree with the comment above. Thank you for maintaining this web site.


    • von Jim L Rawls am 10. April 2018 15:10 Uhr

      Your Edgar Van Valkenberg son? He was married to Doris? I am her grand son and Edgar was my grandfather. I so loved him as di my whole family.


  3. von Jim L Rawls am 10. April 2018 15:08 Uhr

    OMG thank you so much for this. My grandfather was Edgar Van Valkenberg


  4. von Jim L Rawls am 12. April 2018 2:14 Uhr

    Edgar Van Valkenberg kept a diary during his time in POW camp. It has been donated to Andersonville in GA.


    • von Holger Wörner am 20. April 2018 20:11 Uhr


      my father was 1943 by the plane and saw the pilot Merchant and heard also the conversation with the pilot.
      Edgar Van Valkenberg bailed out and came down in Poppenhausen, near Schweinfurt. Another Crewmember came down in Wirmsthal. I read parts of the diary of E. V. Valkenberg.
      The 42-30191 was hit by flak over schweinfurt, but was further hit by a Messerschmitt 110E over Aura a. d. Saale. In many publications the pilot is named with Christof Nagel but this is not correct.
      Correct is Helmut Nagel was the pilot from 10.NJG 101 and his radio operator was Paul Christofzik. I’ve been exploring this crash for many years and spoke a lot of eyewitness.
      Very interesting is that inside the cockpit was a ball-bearing from Schweinfurt.
      Presumably this had been delivered to the United States via Switzerland. Switerland was neutral. With german ball-bearing the ball bearing industry schweinfurt was bombed.
      I have much more informations and pictures.

      Holger Wörner


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