B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies Map of B-17 crash sites

Crash sites of B-17 bombers. This map includes not only the crashes in World War II, but all the time since the B-17 has been flying.

The markings are mainly based on the data in the MACR or the German KU-Report. A special feature are the purple markers. These mean that also the approximate crash site is not known. In the reports it says only for example: Ditched or crashed between City A and City B.

Only a few crash sites could be precisely determined thanks to local historians.

Other marked locations are not binding and also not accurate. It only means near the marker.

The map is currently still in progress and therefore incomplete. Open the map in fullscreen to activate the search-function.


Explanation of symbols:
Black icon = early models
Yellow icon = B-17E
Red icon = B-17F
Blue icon = B-17G