B-17 Flying Fortress Mystery: B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’ – a 301st Bomb Group B-17F whose serial number is unfortunately obscured by a propeller blade.

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’

Source: https://www.fold3.com/image/48719874

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’ Details

B-17F ‘Jonny Boy’ was a B-17 of the 301st Bomb Group. The photo was taken after a mission to Piatra, Romania at Lucerne Airfield, Italy.

The invasion stripes on the P-51B indicate that this photograph was taken after D-Day (06 June 1944).

The 301st Bomb Group flew to Piatra, Romania on 24 June and 03 July 1944. Thus, the time period can be narrowed down somewhat. The mission report and list of assigned aircraft on these two days is certainly helpful.

A request to 301st Bomb Group for these documents unfortunately remained unanswered so far.


Its’ B-17 #42-3384 / Jonny Boy

I saw a new image on Facebook and this picture clearly shows the nose art and serial number on tail!

Published: 9. July 2021 / Last updated: 30. May 2023

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