B-17 Flying Fortress Mystery: B-17F ‚Lady Stardust‘ – Serial number unknown

B-17F ‘Lady Stardust’ bei der 452nd Bomb Group? Seriennummer ist derzeit unbekannt

B-17F ‚Lady Stardust‘ – Serial number unknown

Source: https://www.fold3.com/image/55703834

B-17F ‚Lady Stardust‘ – Serial number unknown Details

B-17F ‘Lady Stardust’, according to the description this B-17 belongs to the 452nd Bomb Group. The photo was taken on April 29, 1945.

The original picture description reads:

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress „Lady Stardust“ at an airbase of the 452nd Bomb Group. England, 29 April 1945.

The B-17s in the background are conspicuous, showing no unit identifications (e.g. 452nd Bomb Group), neither on the tailplane, nor on the fuselage. On a B-17 a large “3” is to be appointed at the tail.

Also, there are a lot of B-17Gs on the bases at the end of April 1945 without camouflage paint. On this picture there is not a single such B-17 to be seen, but only with camouflage painting.

Maybe this picture was taken on 29 April 1944?

Published: 11. July 2021 / Last updated: 11. July 2021

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