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B-17 #42-31747 / Lassie Come Home aka Angel in de Skies

Delivered Denver 12/12/43; Kearney 31/12/43; Oklahoma City 15/1/44; Kearney 26/1/44; Assigned 332BS/94BG [XM-Q] Rougham 17/2/44; Missing in Action Augsburg 13/4/44 with Ray Gault, Co-pilot: John Kissell, Navigator: Howard Curtis, Bombardier: Larry Klein, (?Bill Liptzin togg?), Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Andy Laskowski, Radio Operator: Frank Bonz, Ball turret gunner: Randoph Pemberton, Waist gunner: Don Krus, Waist gunner: Fred Jonas,Tail gunner: Hugh Chauvin (10INT); flak KOd #1 plus gas leak, force landed Dubendorf Afd, Switz. Missing Air Crew Report 4006. LASSIE COME HOME aka ANGEL IN DE SKIES.

Details 42-31747 / Lassie Come Home aka Angel in de Skies

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