History of the
B-17 #42-107092 / Freckles aka Umbriago

Delivered Tulsa 17/2/44; Kearney 22/2/44; Grenier 6/3/44; Assigned 710BS/447BG Rattlesden 13/3/44; transferred 615BS/401BG [IY-E] Deenethorpe 23/3/44 FRECKLES!; Missing in Action Munich 31/7/44 with Jay Ossiander, Co-pilot: Roy Cooper, Navigator: Dominick Manolio, tog-Don Rouse, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Penrose Reagan, Radio Operator: Walt Dengler, Ball turret gunner: Ancil Anderson, Waist gunner: George Clarke,Tail gunner: Tom Higdon (9INT); flak, #2 & #3 both feathered, force landed Dubendorf, Switz; Missing Air Crew Report 7825. UMBRIAGO!

Details 42-107092 / Freckles aka Umbriago

#42-107092 Noseart

#42-107092 Noseart

Crew 42-107092 / Freckles aka Umbriago

P2LTJay D. OssianderINT
CP2LTRoy D. CooperINT
ENG/TTS/SGTPenrose W. ReaganINT
ROS/SGTWalter E. DenglerINT
BTSGTAncil L. AndersonINT
WGSGTGeorge W. ClarkeINT
TGSGTThomas R. HidgonINT
TOGSGTDonald E. RouseINT

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