B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-107006 / Old Bird

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MACR: 9208 / KSU/ME/KU: 2307

Missions: 73


History of
B-17 42-107006 / Old Bird

Delivered Cheyenne 24/1/44; MacDill 18/2/44; Morrison 6/3/44; Assigned 815BS/483BG Sterparone 16/3/44; transferred 96BS/2BG Amendola 31/3/44; Missing in Action {73m} Blechhammer 17/10/44 with Don Peart, Co-pilot: John Mumma, Navigator: Elliott Kaplan, Bombardier: Tom Jones, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Orie Lee, Radio Operator: Jim Growney{arm shot off while attempting to go over the wire}, Ball turret gunner: Marion Green, Waist gunner: Philip McWaters,Tail gunner: Andy Fereico (9 Prisoner of War); mid air coll with 44-6379, #1 engine out, crashed Malacky; all nine chutes seen; Missing Air Crew Report 9208. OLD BIRD.

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B-17 42-107006 / Old Bird Details

Mid air collision with B-17 #44-6379 on 17 October 1944.

General Statement

On 17 October 1944 while on a mission to Blechhammer O/R, Germany, B-17 No. 006 collied with B-17 No. 379 over the target. B-17 No. 379 was lost over the target while B-17 No. 006 made her way south from the target area, and wer heard calling for escort saying that one engine was knocked out and another engine was wind milling. B-17 No. 006 was heard calling for the escort protect her. Escort answered and went to her aid. Next, B-17 No. 006 was heard calling saying that her crew was bailing out.

At 1735 hours on 17 October 1944m the following message was received by telephone from Hq. 5th Wing (US) – “P-38 escort reported that B-17 No. 006 was last seen at 48 deg 16 min N, 16 deg 56 min E and that nine (9) chutes were observed bailing out.

Capt. Norman A. Thomas
Intelligence Officer

Eyewitness statements

1st Lt. Ralph E. Chambers, pilot of B-17 No. 411 of the 20th Squadron which was flying in the first wave, second squadron, second element, third plane.

I heard pilot of B-17 No. 006 call to the formation leader that he had one engine knocked out in collison and another prop was windmilling. He requested that formation slow down was also calling for escort. After that I heard nothing. No chutes were seen. This was at 1240 hours at 48 deg 20 min North 18 deg 45 min East.

1Lt. Ralph E. Chambers

F/O Robert M. McDuffie,, bombardier on B-17 No. 414 which was flying in the first wave, second squadron, second element, lead plane.

Flak hit right behind No. 4 engine of B-17 No. 006 – the right wing dropped down and my aircraft pulled to the right to get out of the way – then No. 006 was lost from my view as we dropped about 2,000 feet before my aircraft leveled off. This was at 1158 hours from 29 ,000 feet at 50 deg 18 min North 18 deg 15 min East. No chutes were seen.

F/O Robert M. McDuffie

Sourc: MACR 9208

Wrackage of #42-107006 / Old Bird (?). Original image caption: American B-17G which crashed In Male’ Leva’re in the territory of Slovakia after being shot down by German Me-109’s. 17 Oct. 1944

B-17 42-107006 / Old Bird Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT Donald L. Peart POW
CP F/O John C. Mumma POW
BOMB F/O Tommy Jones POW
RO T/SGT James Growney POW
BT S/SGT Marion L. Green POW
WG S/SGT Philip R. McWaters, Sr. POW
TG S/SGT Andrew J. Federico POW

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