B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-29555 / Centaur

B-17 #42-29555 / Centaurzoom_in


  • RCL: JJ-Y/D

MACR: 906


History of
B-17 42-29555 / Centaur

Delivered Denver 3/1/43; Salina 9/1/43; Tinker 26/2/43; Assigned 422BS/305BG [JJ-Y/D] Chelveston 6/4/43; Missing in Action Hannover 28/9/43 with Capt Harvey Rodgers, Radio Operator: Frank Lang, Waist gunner: Joe Lickose, Waist gunner: Marvin Sirus (4 Prisoner of War), Co-pilot: Lou Bower, Navigator: George McClintic, Bombardier: Curtis Reese, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ed Yozgadlian, Ball turret gunner: Joe Mahoney,Tail gunner: Malvern Heatherington{never found} (6 Killed in Action); shot down by enemy aircraft, crashed Landringhausen, S of Wunsdortf, 11 miles SW of Hannover, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 906. (First B-17 lost on night mission). CENTAUR.

Last updated: 19. August 2023


B-17 42-29555 / Centaur Details

Aircraft concerned took part in night operation of 27 to 28 September 1943 and failed to return on morning of 28 September 1943. It was later determined that the aircraft went down over target area 22 08 hours, September 27th, 1943.

Source: MACR 906


B-17 42-29555 / Centaur Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P CPT Harvey B. Rodgers POW
CP F/O Louis F. Bower KIA
BOMB 1LT Curtis A. Reese KIA
ENG/TT T/SGT Edward Yozgadlian KIA
RO SGT Frank E. Lang POW
BT S/SGT Joseph P. Mahoney KIA
WG T/SGT Joseph Lickose POW
WG S/SGT Marvin Sirus POW
TG S/SGT Melvern W. Heatherington KIA
OBS 2LT Glenmore M. Ash KIA

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