History of the
B-17 #42-31866 / Pride Of The Yankees

Delivered Denver 28/12/43; Kearney 18/1/44; Morrison 31/1/44; Assigned 550BS/385BG [SG-L] Gt Ashfield 15/2/44; Missing in Action Schweinfurt 13/4/44 with Harvey Downs, Co-pilot: Jim Bigham, Navigator: Haywood Haynes, Bombardier: Joe Muscari, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Curtis McCafferty, Radio Operator: Frank Tanner, Ball turret gunner: Adam Koziol, Waist gunner: Ray Koenig, Waist gunner: Meredith Travis,Tail gunner: Bob Morrison (10INT); flak KOd engine and some controls then enemy aircraft KOd another engine, force landed Dubendorf, Switz. Missing Air Crew Report 3771. PRIDE OF THE YANKEES.

Crew 42-31866 / Pride Of The Yankees

P2LTHarvey R. DownsINT
CP2LTJames R. BighamINT
BOMB2LTJoseph V. MuscariINT
ENG/TTT/SGTCurtis I. McCaffertyINT
ROT/SGTFrank G. WasmerINT
BTS/SGTAdam C. KoziolINT
WGS/SGTMeredith W. TravisINT
WGS/SGTRaymond A. KoenigINT
TGS/SGTRobert B. MorisonINT

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  1. von Mike Loughman am 28. September 2018 21:42 Uhr

    My dad was pilot of the B 17 Pride of the Yankees but he flew it out of Port Moresby New Guinea.


  2. von Mike Loughman am 28. September 2018 21:44 Uhr

    I have a picture of he and his crew (with names) .



    • von Mike am 30. May 2019 13:10 Uhr

      I would like to see the pictures of the crew. Thanks, Mike


  3. von Gary Dalke am 29. June 2019 2:59 Uhr

    My Father-in-law was the belly turret gunner on Pride of the Yankees in 1944. I tried to attach a picture of the plane but couldn’t.


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