History of the
B-17 #42-32024 / Swamp Fire

Delivered Cheyenne 15/1/44; Gr Island 30/1/44; Assigned 524BS/379BG [WA-L] Kimbolton 20/2/44; first in group to 100m to Gelsenkirchen 1/11/44, with Bruce Mills, Co-pilot: Carl Shedlock, Navigator: John McCray, Bombardier: Jim Whitney, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Delmer Menger, Radio Operator: Joe Cooper, Ball turret gunner: Jim Boston, Waist gunner: Lucas Conner,Tail gunner: Bill Beddard;, dec W/W 11/12/44; transferred Alconbury 1/6/45; Returned to the USA 121 BU Bradley 12/7/45; 4185 BU Independence 14/7/45; 4136 BU Tinker 16/12/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 29/12/45. SWAMP FIRE.

Details 42-32024 / Swamp Fire

42-32024 ‘Swamp Fire’ was the first Heavy Bomber to reach 100 Missions (1 November 1944). And a total of 114 missions before returned to USA.

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  1. von richard Lewis am 08. October 2019 18:00 Uhr

    You have most of this correct but you have mixed up the descriptions between 42-32024 and 42-32025. The Lt Mills Crew was assigned to the 524th BS of the 379th BG and flew Swamp Fire on 01 Nov 1944 to become the first heavy Bomber in the 8th USAAF to reach 100 Missions without an abort. M/Sgt Dominick DeSalvo was her Ground Crew Chief.


    • von b17flyingfortress.de am 09. October 2019 11:10 Uhr

      Hello Richard,

      thank you for the informtion.
      Updated the history of both B-17s.
      Hope it’s correct now.


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