History of the
B-17 #42-39860 / War Cry

Delivered: Long Beach 23/9/43; Gr Island 6/10/43; ass 548BS/385BG [GX-A] Gt Ashfield 23/10/43; MIA Bremen 13/11/43 Pilot: Ben McCall, Tail Gunner: Bill Butler{found in tail section near Oldenburg, Germany. (2KIA); Co-Pilot: Clovis Ginn, Navigator: John Replogle, b0Bob Lambiaso, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Larry Charland, Radio Operator: Stan Easterbrook, Ball Turret Gunner: Ed Barthuame, Waist Gunner: Bill Bowels, Waist Gunner: Lyne Wood (8RTD -rescued from sea); mid-air coll. w/42-30717 (385BG), ditched North Sea 20 miles of UK coast; MACR 1403. WAR CRY.

Details 42-39860 / War Cry

Mid-air-collison with B-17 #42-30717 / Man O’ War on 23. November 1943.

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