B-17 Flying Fortress - Photo of B-17 44-8427

B-17 44-8427
Photo of B-17 #44-8427 / Henn’s Revenge

Delivered Lincoln 15/9/44; Hunter 17/9/44; Dow Fd 8/10/44; Assigned 358BS/303BG [VK-E] Molesworth 23/10/44; Missing in Action Oranienburg 10/4/45 with Bob Murray, Larry Fries, Harry Smith, Carl Hammarland, Theo Bates, Nick Rodock, Bob Rennie, Gerald Atkinson (8 Killed in Action); Vito Brunale (Prisoner of War); jet enemy aircraft, crashed Oranienburg; Missing Air Crew Report 13875. HENN'S REVENGE.

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