B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 41-2432 / The Last Straw

B-17 #41-2432 / The Last Strawzoom_in

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History of
B-17 41-2432 / The Last Straw

Delivered Salt Lake with Herbert Felton SAD 30/11/41; Assigned 88RS/7BG [aircraft 22], flew in to Pearl Harbor during Japanese attack 7/12/41 with Lt Robert E. Thacker, Co-pilot: Lt Don Surles, Navigator: Lt Red Stewart, Bombardier: Avn Cdt Albt Hobday, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: S/Sgt Cal Russell, Radio Operator: Sgt Howard Beck, Waist gunner: Sgt Cyril LaLancet,Tail gunner: Pfc Edwin Rhodes; transferred 40RS-28BS/7BG; 19BG; 63BS/43BG; 443TCG/54TCW 8/12/43; Written off Brisbane 12/1/45. THE LAST STRAW.

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