B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 41-24358 / Lulu Belle

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 41-24358 / Lulu Belle



History of
B-17 41-24358 / Lulu Belle

Delivered Cheyenne 28/6/42; Assigned 63BS/43BG Charlesville, Aus 31/7/42; Torrens Creek, Aus 27/8/42; Iron Range, Aus 17/10/42; Milne Bay, NG 11/5/43; Dobodura, NG 13/12/43; Nadzab, NG 12/3/44; last mission 17/10/43 then transferred 54TCW at Garbutt, Qld, then as staff transport/hack for 5AF HQ at Nadzab, NG when war weary. Written off Manila, Salvaged 13/9/45. LULU BELLE.

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