History of the
B-17 #41-24481 / Hell’s Angels

Assigned 322BS/91BG [LG-M] Bangor 2/9/42; Bassingbourn 26/9/42; Missing in Action 10+m Kiel 14/5/43 with Bill Broley, Co-pilot: Albert Davies, Navigator: Armando Ambalagi, Bombardier: Joe Darmiento, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Ed Clyne, Radio Operator: Lowell Dawson, Ball turret gunner: Ed Jones, Waist gunner: Ed Casparriello, Waist gunner: Ken Donovan,Tail gunner: Ken Greer (10 Killed in Action); enemy aircraft in heavy attack, KO’d #2 and rudder damaged, headed home but ditched North Sea, near Amrum Is. (Frisians), no trace of crew. Missing Air Crew Report 15498. HELL’S ANGELS.

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