B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 41-24568 / Lady Fairweather

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 41-24568 / Lady Fairweather


  • RCL: BN-U

MACR: 15075


History of
B-17 41-24568 / Lady Fairweather

Assigned 359BS/303BG [BN-U] Bangor 9-October-42; Molesworth 25-October-42. The original crew flew to Molesworth 24/25-Oct-42 except for Borysiewicz. The aircraft also carried as a passenger Captain Abraham Black who was the 303BG Flight Surgeon. The aircraft participated in 3 operations (1 abort). Missing in Action, 23-November-42 on a mission to bomb the U-Boat pens ar St Nazaire, France. Shot down by enemy aircraft and crashed into the sea, in flames, near Belle-Ile en Mer, France. This was the first loss for the Group. 10KIA MACR 15075.

Last updated: 11. September 2017


B-17 41-24568 / Lady Fairweather Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P CPT Charles G. Miller KIA
CP 1LT Arthur E. Reddig UNK
BOMB 2LT John W. Plummer UNK
ENG/TT T/SGT Devon B. Nollen UNK
RO T/SGT Robert W. Van Fleet UNK
BT SGT Alexander S. Grieb UNK
WG S/SGT Gerald S. Sturgis UNK
WG S/SGT Ferrell A. Mann UNK
TG SGT George T. Senior UNK

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