History of the
B-17 #41-2458 / Yankee Diddl’er

Delivered Sacramento 17/12/41; Assigned 28BS/19BG Java 30/1/42 with A. Key; transferred 7BG, 65BS/43BG damaged in action and crash landed Pasiran 8/2/42; 39TCS/317TCG Dobodura 11/43; took part in first Air Drop 19/12/43 with Capt Lee Bird, Navigator: Seymour Schafer, Radio Operator: George Prezioso, Waist gunner: Lewis Scoot,Tail gunner: Paul Balsewitz; transferred 6PRG/8PRS; according to Reg Tatro flew to Sydney on beer run; ground looped Finchhafen 27/1/45, repaired but eventually W/O at Brisbane 27/1/45. YANKEE DIDD’LER – WOULDN’T IT ROOT YA.

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