History of the
B-17 #41-24587 / Bad Check

Assigned 427BS/303BG [GN-P] Bangor 5/10/42; Molesworth 25/10/42; Missing in Action {45m} Oschersleben 11/1/44; enemy aircraft, crash landed Lienen, Tecklenburg, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 1922. BAD CHECK.

Details 41-24587 / Bad Check

Crash place today & photos of founded debris:

Crew 41-24587 / Bad Check

P1LTGeorge S. McClellan Jr.KIA
CP2LTWilliam A. FisherKIAex B-26 pilot on his 1st mission
BOMB1LTMerlin L. CornishPOW
ENG/TTT/SGTDavid TempestaKIA
ROT/SGTGeorges A. CallihanKIA
BTS/SGTRobert G. YarianPOW
WGS/SGTBarnell S. HeatonPOW
WGS/SGTAlfred B. Chiles Jr.POW
TGS/SGTCharles. E. DuganPOW

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