B-17 Flying Fortress - Photo of B-17 41-2497

B-17 41-2497
Photo of B-17 #41-2497 / Tojo’s Nightmare



Delivered MacDill 26/1/42; Assigned HQ/30BS/19BG Java 17/2/42 with Stribling; then 7BG, transferred 30BS/43BG Aus; transferred 46TCS/317TCG; t/o from 7 Mile Fd, PNG but crashed on approach to Horn Is with Capt Bill Compton [wia], Co-pilot: E.Donovan, Navigator: Paul Maaske, Bombardier: Ed Scudero, Paul Paddilla, J.C. Matthews [wia*], Julian Simmons [wia*], Delbert Steinka, C.M. Porter, Chas Krieg; Cecil Clarke, J. Swain, John Masiars, Den Pechman (Poofman?), Paul Graf, T. Underwood, Jim Colorusso (15RTD, * later died of wounds) 24/3/44; Salvaged. MACMAC aka TOJO'S NIGHTMARE.

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