History of the
B-17 #41-9196

Delivered Cheyenne 15/5/42; slated RAF but transferred 30BS/19BG Hickam 7/10/42 then Mareeba, Aus.; re-fuelled Pt Moresby t/o but Missing in Action Vunakanau, shot down over New Britain 5/10/42 with Earl L. Hageman, Co-pilot: Dale Hanson, Navigator: Angelo Bianco, Bombardier: Wade Lowry, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Mike Adamow, Radio Operator: Tom Jack, Waist gunner: Frank Mehock, Waist gunner: Tom Wilzbacher,Tail gunner: Frank Plunkett. (9 Killed in Action). Missing Air Crew Report 15207.

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  1. von David Billings am 05. August 2019 6:18 Uhr

    Hi Jing Zhou,
    First time i haveseen your B-17 site. I am interested in WW2 losses as well as the subject of my website.

    I have a possible lead on B-17E 41-9196 lost on a raid to Rabaul, New Guinea.

    Near to where I go in the New Britain jungle lies the wreckage of 41-2429 and down in the river near the wreck is a long range fuel tank. B-17E models used to carry “one” LR fuel tank on raids to Rabaul. Hoever, there is another LR fuel tank in a creek bed a long way away from 41-2429. Crewswould only jettison these tanks if they were in real trouble as they were not “drop tanks”, they were carried in one side of the bomb bay.

    B-17F models had extra tanks built-in at manufacture and were called “Tokyo Tanks”, only the “E” models used in New Guinea carried the LR Tanks.

    Apparently 41-9196 was the only other “E” Mode; lost over New Britain. Around ten years ago a report came in the papers in Papua New Guinea of a large wreck in the IP Riverarea. The IP River is about10 Kms from where I saw the LR Tank, so it seems that it could be from 41=9196 as it was going down.

    Using “Zoom Earth” satellite views, 41-2429 lies in thearea of -4.9553S, 151.9077E. the LR tank from it is in the river bed about -4.9524S, 151.9030E. The second LR tank is in the area of -4.9797S, 151.9177E in the creek bed . The IP River is due south at -5.1109S, 1519263. I do not know where the wreck is. We tried to get down there in 2017 but the tracks are overgrown and it needs a team to chopper in, to walk to the site. I have informe theAjmericans about this.. I thought with your B-17 interest, you might like to know.

    click on the lat/long figures in zoom earth to change from degrees to decinal degrees.



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