B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-102442 / Swiss Miss

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-102442 / Swiss Miss


  • RCL: JD-J

Missions: 32


History of
B-17 42-102442 / Swiss Miss

Delivered Cheyenne 3/3/44; Kearney 15/3/44; Dow Fd 4/4/44; Assigned: 545BS/384BG [JD-J] Grafton Underwood 15/4/44; during assembly for Leipzig, mid air coll Pilot: B17 7/7/44; crashed Withersfield, near Haverhill, Sfk, UK, 14KIA; Salvaged. 8/7/44.

Last updated: 2. February 2019


B-17 42-102442 / Swiss Miss Details

Mid-air-collision with B-17 #44-6147 on 07 Jul 1944.


B-17 42-102442 / Swiss Miss Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT Earl O. Anderson, Jr. KIA
CP 2LT Walter Eugene Shreve, Jr. KIA
ENG/TT T/SGT Wilmer Leroy Loyd KIA
RO T/SGT John Demey Sherman KIA
BT S/SGT Neal William Noland KIA
WG S/SGT Homer Joseph Evans KIA
TG SGT Glenn S. Hinshaw RTD
TOG S/SGT William Louis O'Leary KIA

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