B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastin

B-17 #42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastinzoom_in



  • RCL: LL-D

MACR: 14295

Missions: 107


History of
B-17 42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastin

Delivered Cheyenne 9/3/44; Gr Island 31/3/44; Grenier 6/4/44; Assigned: 401BS/91BG [LL-D] Bassingbourn 11/5/44; MIA {107m} Stendahl 8/4/45 Pilot: Peter Pastras, Co-Pilot: Bob Morris, Navigator: George Latches, tog-Don Lemons, Ball Turret Gunner: Edgar Harrell, Waist Gunner: George Wong, Tail Gunner: Bob O. Smith (7KIA); Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Lyle Jones, Radio Operator: Bob A. Smith (2POW); flak hits, exploded in mid air; MACR 14295. Named by ground crew as: TIMES A-WASTIN’.

Last updated: 3. October 2021


B-17 42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastin Details

Hit by flak between #1 and #2 engine. Fuselage and No. 2 engine afire, #3 engine leaking gasoline. Right wing and stabilizer blew off.

B-17G #42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastin (via AAM)

Eyewitness Statements to the loss of B-17G 42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastin

I first observed aircraft B-17-G, 42-102504, to be in trouble at about 30 seconds to 1 minute after bombs away. I saw the No. 2 engine smoking badly and there appeared to be flames between the No. 2 engine and the fuselage. The right wing and engines appeared to be untouched. The aircraft then nosed upward, stood on the right wing tip, and side slipped downward in a steep dive. After it had fallen for a couple of hundred feet I saw one (1) man leave the aircraft and his parachute opened immediately. The aircraft continued downward in a steep circling dive to the right. I instructed the Ball Turret-Gunner of our ship to watch it go down and he stated that only the one (1) parachute came from subject aircraft before it crashed and burned.

T/Sgt. William J. Carlson
322nd Bomb Sq., 91st Bomb Gp (H)

We were flying at 20,000 feat altitude, immediately after bombs away, when I observed a large burst of flak directly under the left wing of aircraft B-17-G, 42-102504. I noticed a hole in the left wing in back of the No. 2 engine. The aircraft did not appear to be on fire, and it pulled upward and then slid into a fairly steep dive to the right and under the formation, and was apparently out of control. I noticed the Co-Pilot trying to get out of the right cockpit window. As I was unable to carry on further observation of this ship I did not see him fall free. Due to my crew position I was unable to determine if there were any parachutes that had opened.

1Lt. Elwyn L. Bloodgood
401st Bomb Sq., 91st Bomb Gp (H)

We were flying at approximately 20,000 feet altitude over the target area when I observed what appeared to be a direct flak hit on the right wing of A/C B-17-G, 42-102504 .The ship fell out of formation. I then lost sight of the ship at this time and later saw one wing of the aircraft floating downward. I saw no crew-members leave this aircraft or parachutes open.

Sgt. John J. Martilotta
401st Bomb Sq., 91st Bomb Gp (H)

We were over the target area (Stendal, Germany) at 20,000 feet altitude, approximately 1 or 2 minutes after bombs away. At this time I first noticed aircraft B-17-G, 42-102504, as it pulled out of formation. The aircraft fell behind and below our position, went into a steep dive for about 5,000 feet, and was momentarily brought under control. The ship then exploded and I saw the tail structure and right wing falling downward. TI saw no crew members leave the aircraft after the explosion but noticed three (3) parachutes billowed open and also saw an objeot which may have been another crew-member making a delayed jump.

Sgt. Robert L. Holladay
401st Bomb Sq., 91st Bomb Gp (H)

We were flying at approximately 20,000 feet altitude over the target area, about 2 or 3 minutes after bombs away. When I first noticed aircraft B-17-G, 42-102504, there was gasoline running out of the wing behind the No. 3 engine. There was no smoke or fire visible. I saw the Co-Pilot (Morris) and a gunner (Wong), and another man leave the ship. We were flying close enough to them to enable me to observe the expression on their faces and thereby identify two of them. I believe it possible that the Co-Pilot may have hit the ship as he bailed out for he reached across his chest for the rip-cord and then his hand fell back and he appeared to be unconscious. Of these three men whom I saw leave the ship I saw only one whose parachute had opened.

T/Sgt. John P. Rumph
401st Bomb Sq., 91st Bomb Gp (H)

Source: MACR 14295


B-17 42-102504 / Time’s A-Wastin Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Peter A. Pastras KIA
CP 2LT Robert F. Morris KIA
ENG/TT T/SGT Lyle D. Jones POW
RO T/SGT Robert A. Smith POW
BT SGT Edgar L. Harrell KIA
WG S/SGT George Wong KIA
TG S/SGT Robert O. Smith KIA
TOG S/SGT Donald H. Lemons KIA

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