History of the
B-17 #42-29967

Delivered Cheyenne 18/3/43; Gore 19/3/43; Walla Walla 30/3/43; Metropolitan 13/4/43; Assigned 412BS/95BG [QW-Q] Framlingham 12/5/43; Horham 15/6/43; 2m, transferred 407BS/92BG [PY-Q] Alconbury 17/6/43; Missing in Action Nantes/Le Mans 4/7/43 with John Campbell, Co-pilot: Hubert Stevenson, Navigator: Burt Hereford, Bombardier: Benedict Kilgrow, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bob Hetrick, Radio Operator: Rich Rasdall, Ball turret gunner: Chas Chenowith, Waist gunner: Lester Arlington, Waist gunner: Mo Guyon,Tail gunner: Harry Burtin (10 Prisoner of War). Believed crashed in sea. No MACR.

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  1. von Robert P. Lanz am 02. February 2019 0:12 Uhr

    My cousin Hubert V. Stevenson was the co-pilot on this plane when it crash landed on the beach of an island on off the north coast of France, returning from a bombing run in France.
    In 2013 the brother of the co-pilot visited France where a memorial was dedicated to this aircraft and crew. The remains of the fuselage are still visible at low tide.
    The crew all survived a water landing with only one engine operating, were taken prisoner and all later returned home after the war.


    • von b17flyingfortress.de am 02. February 2019 0:32 Uhr

      Thank you for sharing this information.


  2. von Robert P. Lanz am 02. February 2019 17:54 Uhr

    I had sent a previous email yesterday, Feb. 1, 2019 telling that my cousin Hubert V. Stevenson was the co-pilot on this plane.
    I forgot to mention that this plane was named “Battling Bastards”.
    Being a retired aerospace engineer one of my passions has been kit model paper/balsa aircraft. I worked for North American Aviation/Rockwell for 39 years and 9 months. Retired on Jan 31, 1995. anyway I have just started building a model B-17F like my cousin flew. Had to buy a model G but my research shows me the differences. Am dedicating this model to my cousin. It will have the nose art and markings of his plane. He was in the 92 bomb group in England.Bob Lanz


    • von b17flyingfortress.de am 02. February 2019 19:32 Uhr

      Thank you Bob. I am interested how the noseart looks. Meanwhile, I found photo of the memorial:

      Btw, maybe you want to share the a photo of your B-17 model, when it is finished?


      • von Robert Lanz am 06. February 2019 23:04 Uhr

        Enter “Final Mission of the Battling Bastards on Vimeo”
        .Watch closely and near the beginning of the Vimeo is an actual combat flight and a very short shot of the nose art from an adjacent plane. No picture like later planes, just the Battling Bastards in large letters.
        Tail number, assigned squadron and Battling Bastards will be on my model. It is dedicated to my cousin Hubert Stevenson.


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