History of the
B-17 #42-30705 / Ther-N-Bak

Delivered Denver 15/7/43; Colorado Springs 16/7/43; Kearney 6/8/43; Topeka 12/8/43; Scott 17/8/43; Assigned 347BS/99BG Oudna 31/8/43; transferred 414BS/97BG Depienne 14/11/43; Missing in Action Rimini 27/11/43 with Oscar C. Stedman, Jr.; enemy aircraft, crashed Rimini; Missing Air Crew Report 1303.

Crew 42-30705 / Ther-N-Bak

P1LTOscar C. Stedman, Jr.KIA
CPCPTMarvin M. Waldroup, Jr.POW
BOMB2LTWalter B. ParksKIA
ROT/SGTClarence W. Vaughn, Jr.KIA
BTS/SGTJames R. MeltonKIA
WGS/SGTJames W. SandifordKIA
WGS/SGTJoseph H. ChristiePOW
TGS/SGTMilton H. SnyderKIA

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