B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-30839 / Strato Express

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-30839 / Strato Express



History of
B-17 42-30839 / Strato Express

Delivered Cheyenne 5/8/43; Gore 13/8/43; left Gander for UK heading for Nutts Corner, NI. 1/9/43 Pilot: Bill Warring, Co-Pilot: Howard Davis, Navigator: Max Polin, Bombardier: Rich Perkins, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Gordon Schmitt, Radio Operator: Virgil Haney, Ball Turret Gunner: Jim Quillin, Waist Gunner: Vic Velha, Waist Gunner: Carroll Bonnett, Tail Gunner: Mearl Waswick (10RTD); Assigned: 562BS/388BG Knettishall 21/9/43; poor visibility and instructed to head for Stornaway, but #3 engines was in trouble and crash-landed near Strathaven, Scot. Salvaged. STRATO EXPRESS.

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