History of the
B-17 #42-31236 / Arch Bishop

Delivered Cheyenne 8/10/43; Grand Island 11/11/43; Wilmington 17/11/43; Assigned 367BS/306BG [GY-F] Thurleigh 21/12/43; Missing in Action Oschersleben 11/1/44; enemy aircraft, crashed Kremer Farm, near Vlessendijk, Raalte, Hol. Missing Air Crew Report 1933. ARCH BISHOP.

Details 42-31236 / Arch Bishop

B-17 #42-31538 ‘Norah’  was hit by FW 190s. Flew rudderles from the formation and collided with B_17 #42-31236 ‘Arch Bishop’

Crew 42-31236 / Arch Bishop

P1LTGeorge CampertKIA
CP2LTGerald C. CootsKIA
BOMB1LTJoseph A. SparksKIA
ENG/TTT/SGTPatrick F. MurrayKIA
ROT/SGTCyril E. LebertKIA
BTS/SGTAdolf GraubartKIA
WGS/SGTPerley E. ColburnKIA
WGS/SGTWelton P. TestonKIA
TGS/SGTKneeland H. HudsonKIA

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