B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-31593 / Carrie B

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-31593 / Carrie B


  • RCL: IN-L

MACR: 4054


History of
B-17 42-31593 / Carrie B

Delivered Cheyenne 25/11/43; Spokane 26/11/43; Geiger 2/12/43; Gt Falls 5/12/43; Kearney 16/12/43; Madison, WI 3/1/44; Rome 4/1/44; Presque Is 8/1/44; Assigned 613BS/401BG [IN-L] Deenethorpe 1/2/44; Missing in Action Pas de Calais 20/4/44 with Frank Daughtery, Bombardier: Rito Arellano, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Harry Jones, Radio Operator: Joe Pavloski, Ball turret gunner: Pat Leffler, Waist gunner: Bill Williams, Waist gunner: Larry Skehan,Tail gunner: Jerome Nelson (8 Killed in Action); Co-pilot: Bill Maher, Navigator: Dennis Beach (2 Prisoner of War); flak KOd #3 and #4 on fire, exploded in mid-air, crashed Pont Remy, five miles SE of Abbeville, Fr; Missing Air Crew Report 4054. CARRIE B.

Last updated: 2. March 2018


B-17 42-31593 / Carrie B Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT Frank P. Daugherty KIA
CP 1LT William P. Maher POW
BOMB 2LT Rito F. Arellano KIA
ENG/TT S/SGT Harold L. Jones KIA
RO S/SGT Joseph M. Pavlovski KIA
BT SGT Patrick L. Leffler KIA
WG SGT William J. Williams KIA
WG SGT Lawrence W. Skehan KIA
TG SGT Jerome W. Nelson KIA

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