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B-17 #42-38109 / Cabin In The Sky

Delivered Denver 15/12/43; Mitchell 20/1/44; Assigned 364BS/305BG [WF-P] Chelveston 10/2/44; battle damaged Leipzig 20/2/44 with Bill Lawley{awarded MOH), Navigator: Harry Seraphine, Bombardier: Harry Mason, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Carroll Rowley, Radio Operator: Tom Dempsey, Ball turret gunner: Joe Koberecki, Waist gunner: Ralph Braswell, Waist gunner: ? ,Tail gunner: Alf Wendt (9 Returned to Duty); Co-pilot: Paul Murphy (Killed in Action); crash landed RAF Redhill, Surrey; sal 2 SAD 23/2/44. CABIN IN THE SKY.

Details 42-38109 / Cabin In The Sky

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Brought home by the skill and courage of her pilot !st Lt. William R. Lawley of 431 East Hull St., Denison Texas, this is where the skidding Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress finally stopped as he brought it down for a belly landing after being shot up by Luftwaffe fighters on the return trip from Leipzig, 20 Feb 1944.

Lt. Lawley was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his feat of bringing the Fort home in spite of serious wounds.


Crew 42-38109 / Cabin In The Sky

P1LTWilliam R. Lawley Jr.UNKMedal of Honor

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  1. von Sheila Taylor am 05. October 2018 6:29 Uhr

    The unknown waist gunner on Cabin In The Sky when it was shot down was my grandfather. Thomas Glen Richey, Sr. was a last minute fill in. After the plane was shot down he went into the French underground and eventually was taken as a POW at Auschwitz and then moved to Buchenwald.


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