B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-5147 / Old Ironsides

B-17 #42-5147 / Old Ironsideszoom_in

Dave Wotanis


MACR: 720


History of
B-17 42-5147 / Old Ironsides

Delivered Cheyenne 4/10/42; West Palm Beach 12/12/42; Assigned 414BS/97BG Biskra 22/12/42; Chateau-du-Rhumel 3/2/43; coll with 41-24415 Palermo with Payne 9/5/43, nose sheared off but returned safely to base and repaired; Pont-du-Fahs 1/8/43; Depienne 15/8/43; Missing in Action Frascati 8/9/43; flak, crashed ? ; Missing Air Crew Report 720. OLD IRONSIDES.

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B-17 42-5147 / Old Ironsides Details

S/Sgt. Leo Wotanis (Tail Gunner) is kneeling on the right with flight helmet and goggles
S/Sgt. Leo Wotanis (Tail Gunner) is kneeling, with pith helmet.

Mid-air-collision with B-17 #41-24415 ‘Yankee Doodle II’ on 9. May 1943. Repaired and returned to duty but shot down by flak on 8 September 1943.

42-5147 / Old Ironsides – landed after mid air collision.

B-17 42-5147 / Old Ironsides Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Charles D. Gueriniere KIA
CP 2LT Floyd H. Lyon Jr. KIA
BOMB 2LT Irving Linder KIA
ENG/TT S/SGT George J. Smith POW
RO S/SGT John W. Mullins POW
BT S/SGT Fred W. Yuvan KIA
WG T/SGT Andrew H. Camarota Jr. KIA
WG S/SGT Harry J. Carroll POW
TG S/SGT Edward L. Gadouas POW

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