History of the
B-17 #43-37566 / A Little Behind aka Fortress Joker

Delivered Cheyenne 30/4/44; Gt Falls 3/5/44; Kearney 29/5/44; 16 STA Grenier 6/6/44; Assigned: 331BS/94BG [QE-O] Rougham 7/6/44; MIA Bohlen 7/10/44 Pilot: Horace Waldorf, Walter Ward, George Webb, Lyle DeRousse, Steven Stupak, Armando DiMatteo, Wilbert Pasquini, John Stocco, Ford Sutherlin (9POW); aircraft seen going down, fate ? ; MACR 9552. A LITTLE BEHIND aka FORTRESS JOKER.

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