B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 43-38868

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 43-38868


MACR: 13888


History of
B-17 43-38868

Delivered Hunter 30/9/45; Grenier 11/10/44; Assigned: 728BS/452BG Deopham Green 13/10/44; MIA Parchim, Germany. 7/4/45 Pilot: Bill Richardson, Hjalmer Molner, Bob Renaud, Jack Kennedy, Jim Satterfield, John Loveless, Newell Snarr, Julius Albavich {tg}(8KIA); Vance Urban, Robert Pearce {rcm} (2POW); rammed by Sonderkommando Elbe Me109, crashed Hamburg, Ger. MACR 13888.

Last updated: 6. April 2024


B-17 43-38868 Details

Following statement obtained by S-2 Section, 452nd Bomb Group (H), at interrogation after return of mission:

Aircraft 43-38868 was hit by fighters on the first attack. Several minutes afterwards this straggling plane was again under attack when another ME-109 that was out of control crashed into the B-17 between the left waist and tail, splitting the plane in two.

The aircraft had already been aflame in the nose. The ME-109 crashed into it at 1321 hours, just after the I.P. The plane dove out of formation for about 3,000 feet and blew up.
Only 2 chutes were seen.

Source: MACR 13888

Remark to the crew

S/Sgt. Robert W. Pearce, was assigned to B-17 44-8634 / Ida Wanna in MACR 14184. Which is incorrect. He and S/Sgt. Stephen A. Kiss were switched or changed aircraft at the last moment.

The crew list below is the corrected listing.


B-17 43-38868 Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT William A. Richardson KIA
CP 2LT Hjalmer Molner KIA
ENG/TT SGT Jack W. Kennedy KIA
RO SGT James E. Satterfield KIA
BT SGT John H. Loyless KIA
WG SGT Newell A. Snarr KIA
TG SGT Julius W. Aibavich KIA
TOG T/SGT Vance P. Vrban POW
RCM S/SGT Robert W. Pearce POW

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