History of the
B-17 #44-8352

Delivered Dallas 17/8/44; Langley 2/9/44; Dow Fd 22/9/44; Assigned 4BS/34BG Mendlesham 1/10/44; transferred 493BG Debach 3/10/44; Missing in Action Hamburg 31/12/44 with Dick Malone, Stan McKay, Bill Gleason {ex nav}, John Volpe, Gilbert Sousa, Tom Hellman, Bill Lawrence (7 Killed in Action); Frank Bruehl, George Zackert {ex nav}, Art Donovan, Edgar Stoelting, Capt Dave Whitlock {mission pilot} (5 Prisoner of War); flak, exploded over Europe?. Missing Air Crew Report 11235.

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  1. von David Gaw am 27. February 2018 1:01 Uhr

    My father-in-law was Ed Stoelting. He was captured on the last mission of this B-17. The plane was not hit by flak but severely damaged by one of its bombs exploding close underneath the aircraft. Ed was actually blown out of the plane before it exploded. I would like any information on which POW camp Ed went to.


    • von Kevin Zackert am 08. November 2019 16:47 Uhr

      My grandpa George Zackert was in the same plane and POW, the crew was brought to a camp called Stallag Luft in Barth, Germany..
      send me an email for further information


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