History of the
B-17 #41-2430 / Naughty but Nice

Delivered Salt Lake Strategic Arms Depot (SAD) with Dave Rawls 30-Nov-41; Assigned 88RS/7BG Hickam Field, HI during Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor 7-Dec-41 with Lt Harry Chaffin, Co-pilot: Lt Mabry Simmons, Navigator: Lt Walt Johnson, Bombardier: Avn Cdt Hubert Mobley, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: T/Sgt Russ Mackey, Radio Operator: S/Sgt Lucius Weeks, g-Sgt Irving McMichael, g-Pfc Bob Barnard; transferred 40BS/19BG; then 65BS/43BG; shot down over Vunakanau 26-Jun-43, crashed Baining Mountains, SE of Rabual with Bill Sarlsfield, Co-pilot: Charles Trimmingham, Bombardier: Francis Peattie, Assigned Bombardier: Herman Knott, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bob Christopherson, Radio Operator: Ken Gionet, Waist gunner: Henry Garcia, with g Bob Griebel,Tail gunner: Pace Payne (9 Killed in Action); Navigator: Jose Holguin (POW 17-Jul-43 until Sep-45), later executed at Rabaul, New Britain; Written off 28-Jun-43. Missing Air Crew Report 14590. NAUGHTY BUT NICE. Never served in the UK.

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