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B-17 #41-2430 / Naughty but Nice

Delivered Salt Lake Strategic Arms Depot (SAD) with Dave Rawls 30-Nov-41; Assigned 88RS/7BG Hickam Field, HI during Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor 7-Dec-41 with Lt Harry Chaffin, Co-pilot: Lt Mabry Simmons, Navigator: Lt Walt Johnson, Bombardier: Avn Cdt Hubert Mobley, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: T/Sgt Russ Mackey, Radio Operator: S/Sgt Lucius Weeks, g-Sgt Irving McMichael, g-Pfc Bob Barnard; transferred 40BS/19BG; then 65BS/43BG; shot down over Vunakanau 26-Jun-43, crashed Baining Mountains, SE of Rabual with Bill Sarlsfield, Co-pilot: Charles Trimmingham, Bombardier: Francis Peattie, Assigned Bombardier: Herman Knott, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bob Christopherson, Radio Operator: Ken Gionet, Waist gunner: Henry Garcia, with g Bob Griebel,Tail gunner: Pace Payne (9 Killed in Action); Navigator: Jose Holguin (POW 17-Jul-43 until Sep-45), later executed at Rabaul, New Britain; Written off 28-Jun-43. Missing Air Crew Report 14590. NAUGHTY BUT NICE. Never served in the UK.

Details 41-2430 / Naughty but Nice

Jose L. Holguin was not executed at Rabaul, details see the comment from Fernando Inzunza below.

Crew 41-2430 / Naughty but Nice

P1LTWilliam J. Sarsfield, Jr.UNK
CP2LTCharles E. TriminghamUNK
BOMB1LTJose L. HolguinUNK
ENG/TTT/SGTRobert L. ChristophersonUNK
ROT/SGTLeonard A. GionetUNK
---2LTHerman H. KnottUNK
---S/SGTHenry GarciaUNK
---S/SGTRobert E. GriebelUNK

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  1. von Fernando Inzunza am 08. May 2018 1:31 Uhr

    Jose L. Holguin was not executed at Rabaul. He was one of six out of 64 POWs to survive Rabaul. He returned in the 1980’s to find the wreckage and assist in identifying his crew and arranging their burials in the USA. He lived to 1994. A Reader’s Digest article and a PBS documentary covered his story.


    • von b17flyingfortress.de am 08. May 2018 8:07 Uhr

      Thank you!


  2. von C. Geoffrey Hemenway am 14. June 2018 18:06 Uhr

    T/SGT Leonard A. Gionet was the radio operator/waist gunner, not Ken Gionet.


    • von b17flyingfortress.de am 14. June 2018 18:47 Uhr

      Thank you! I have updated and added the crew list


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