B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 41-24397 / Phyllis

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History of
B-17 41-24397 / Phyllis

Assigned 352BS/301BG Westover 8/7/42; Chelveston 9/8/42; detailed mission to Meaulte, Fr 2/10/42; crash landed RAF Gatwick 2/10/42 with 1Lt. Charles W. Paine, Jr. Co-pilot: 1Lt Robert H. Long, Navigator: 2Lt John A. Thomson, Bombardier: 2Lt Stanley A. Komarik, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: H.M. Peterson Wounded in Action, Radio Operator: SSgt Walter G. Parcells, Ball turret gunner: Sgt A.N. Bouthillier, Waist gunner: Sgt Tom J. Coburn, Jr. Wounded in Action, Waist gunner: SSgt T.L.Sheeder, Tail gunner: SSgt B.T. Taucher Wounded in Action. Salvaged battle damaged. Nose cut off to release injured crewmen; 16 cannon holes, over 300 bullet holes plus flak damage. PHYLLIS.

Last updated: 6. January 2018


B-17 41-24397 / Phyllis Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Charles W. Paine, Jr. RTD
CP 1LT Robert H. Long RTD
BOMB 2LT Stanley A. Komarik RTD
ENG/TT --- H. M. Peterson WIA
RO S/SGT Walter G. Parcells RTD
BT SGT A.N. Bouthillier RTD
WG SGT Tom J. Coburn, Jr. WIA
WG S/SGT T. L. Sheeder, RTD
TG S/SGT B. T. Taucher WIA

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