History of the
B-17 #41-24469

Assigned 367BS/306BG Westover 16-Aug-42; Thurleigh 2-Oct-42; on return from St Nazaire 3-Jan-43 landed RAF St Eval, Cornwall. Next day on t/o for Thurleigh, Bed. in poor weather crashed into the Celtic Sea near RAF St. Eval 7-Jan-43. 10KIS No MACR issued.

Crew 41-24469

P1LTRobert E. BrandonKIS
CP1LTHenry G. MurrelKIS
BOMB2LTJames C. MurphyKIS
ENG/TTT/SGTCarlton F. PorterKIS
ROS/SGTJudson W. ElliottKIS
BTS/SGTJoseph S. BarnesKIS
WGS/SGTJerrald M. HopkinsKIS
WG1LTJames O. Jones, Jr.KIS

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