History of the
B-17 #41-24511 / Wheel ‘N Deal

Assigned 423BS/306BG [RD-W] Westover 15/8/42; Thurleigh 13/10/42; transferred 322BS/91BG [LG-W] Bassingbourn 4/43; taxi accident with Bill Broley 16/4/43; Missing in Action Solingen 22+m 1/12/43 with John Wennerberg, Co-pilot: Bob Dickson, Navigator: Gene Cohalan, Bombardier: John Temple, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Squire Baker, Radio Operator: Nick Nicoletti, Ball turret gunner: Morris Schendleman, Waist gunner: Stan Kacprzyk, Waist gunner: Bill Cole (9 Prisoner of War),Tail gunner: Bill Roller (Killed in Action); flak hit #3, then another KO’d batteries, crashed River Rhine between Dusseldorf & Duisburg, Ger.. Missing Air Crew Report 1323. WHEEL ‘N DEAL.

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