B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-102411 / Miss Lace

B-17 #42-102411 / Miss Lacezoom_in



  • RCL: GN-Y/P

History of
B-17 42-102411 / Miss Lace

Cheyenne 1/3/44; Hunter 21/3/44; Grenier 10/4/44; Assigned 427BS/303BG [GN-Y/P] Molesworth 30/4/44; battle damaged Berlin 18/3/45 with Robert W. Krohn; Paul B. Kindig; Louis M. Christen; Henry T. O’Sullivan; Norman O. Peterson; Malcom L. McKenzie; John Minoff; Arthur A. Marozas; force landed near Warsaw, Poland; Salvaged 28/3/45. MISS LACE.

Last updated: 3. October 2021


B-17 42-102411 / Miss Lace Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT Robert W. Krohn RTD
CP 2LT Paul B. Kindig RTD
ENG/TT SGT Norman O. Peterson RTD
RO SGT Malcom L. McKenzie RTD
BT SGT John Minoff RTD
TG SGT Arthur A. Marozas RTD
TOG SGT Henry T. O'Sullivan RTD

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