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B-17 #42-2970 / Connecticut Yankee

Assigned 324BS/91BG [DF-E/C] New Castle 13/10/42; Bassingbourn 23/11/42; involved in landing accident at base on 1/8/43 with Dave Gladhart; on return from Stuttgart 38m 6/9/43 with Bill Pegram, Co-pilot: Bill Martin, Navigator: Bob Cosgrove, Bombardier: Norman Eatinger, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Lawrence W. Murray Sr., Radio Operator: Hans Wobst, Ball turret gunner: ? , Waist gunner: Fred Hutchinson, Waist gunner: Belvin Peters,Tail gunner: Gordon Noel (10RTD?); crash landed Pett Level, near Hastings, SX, UK, out of gas, crew OK, aircraft Salvaged. Completed 25m 17/5/43 and contender with Memphis Belle, Jersey Bounce and Delta Rebel II, for US war bond tour. CONNECTICUT YANKEE.

Details 42-2970 / Connecticut Yankee

B-17 #42-2970 'Connecticut Yankee' frisch aus der Fabrik

91stbombgroup.com // B-17 #42-2970 ‘Connecticut Yankee’ frisch aus der Fabrik

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