B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-30056

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MACR: 6338


History of
B-17 42-30056

Delivered Denver 5/4/43; Morrison 29/4/43; Assigned 342BS/97BG Chateau-du-Rhumel 24/5/43; Pont-du-Fahs 1/8/43; Depienne 15/8/43; Cerignola 20/12/43; Amendola 16/1/43; Missing in Action Brod, Yugo 2/7/44 with Harry Schuchardt, Sale, Edwards, Sanders, Vickery, Cockshott, Young (8 Prisoner of War); Goff, Hurtt (2 Killed in Action). enemy aircraft, crashed Komaron. Missing Air Crew Report 6338.

Last updated: 21. February 2021


B-17 42-30056 Details

Eyewitness Statements to the loss of B-17 #42-30056

On the day of July second I saw from ship #516 flying position number six in Able flight. When ship #056 was flying position number two in Baker flight was hit by fighters. After leaving the formation more attacks were made, where upon I saw (2) two men leave the ship followed closely by (2) two more. The ship turned over on its back, went into a dive. It finally leveled off, then (2) two more chutes left the plane before its final plung.

S/Sgt. Jack G. Giles

I was flying in ship 435 on the second of July we were on bomb run when all of a sudden 8 to 10 Me 210’s started attacking from one o’clock. Next thing I noticed ship 056 had one propeller windmilling and in a few seconds it was feathered. I watched the ship turn away from the formation and the group of fighters after it. Finally they turned away and one lone fighter went after him attacking from the rear. Few seconds later I counted (4) four chutes that had opened. I keep watching to see if I could see anymore and I saw (2) two more making (6) six in all. The ship disappeared behind a cloud and that was the last I saw of it.

Sgt. Frank Italiano

Source: MACR 6338


B-17 42-30056 Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 2LT Harold E. Schuchardt POW
CP 2LT Ira Salz POW
BOMB 2LT Earl J. Sanders, Jr. POW
ENG/TT S/SGT Floyd A. Vickery POW
RO S/SGT Richard T. Cockshott POW
BT SGT LeLand A. Young POW
WG SGT Ralph R. Goff KIA
WG SGT Novelle V. Govoni POW
TG SGT Hamilton L. Hurtt KIA

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