B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-30455 / Schifless Skonk

B-17 #42-30455 / Schifless Skonkzoom_in


  • RCL: CC-R

MACR: 1400


History of
B-17 42-30455 / Schifless Skonk

Delivered Cheyenne 3/6/43; Kearney 14/6/43; Dalhart 27/6/43; Gr Isle 26/7/43; Assigned 569BS/390BG [CC-R] Framlingham 6/8/43; Missing in Action Knaben (Rjukan) 16/11/43 with Ray Becker, Co-pilot: Bob Stuart, Navigator: Ben Myers, Bombardier: Tony Moyto, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Chas Loeser, Radio Operator: Claude Farber, Ball turret gunner: Leo Whitemore, Waist gunner: George Schneller, Waist gunner: Roy Ball,Tail gunner: Chas Reed (10 Killed in Action); enemy aircraft, caught fire and crashed North Sea, off Norwegian coast at Varhoug; Missing Air Crew Report 1400. SCHIFLESS SKUNK.

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B-17 42-30455 / Schifless Skonk Details

From the interrogation of 1Lt. George W. Harson:

About three miles out from Hellvik, Lt. Becker’s ship, 455, had radio room and #1 engine on fire. Altitude 13,000 feet. Ten parachutes were seen to open. Three boats were seen close by heading South.

From the interrogation of 1Lt. Keith B. Harris:

1055 hours – while formation was making 360° 25 miles south-west of Eigeroin* [sic] aircraft #455, smoke was coming out and ten parachutes were seen – 3 to 4 vessels within 10 miles of where aircraft came down – mine sweepers.

From the interrogation of 1Lt. Maurice G. Crosbie:

455 was just ahead, started to veer right, escape hatch came off. No. 2 engine black smoke, flames coming out of radio hatch. Looked like started in gas tank – no enemy action – saw 1 man jump – saw total of 9 later open. One chute (No. 10) did not open. 9 chutes open – 1 not – 10 Total. Saw three coastal vessels in vicinity in V-Formation make down coast toward chutes. Aircraft hit water – big flash came out of radio room just before hit it.

From the interrogation of Capt. Robert D. Brown:

Two miles off coast near Varboug** [sic], Norway – 1057 hours – 13,000 feet – #455/Becker’s ship, seemed like #1 engine was afire. Ship went up and stalled out – they went down in a slow spiral – 9 chutes open – one body hitting water without chute opening – 3 coastal vessels turned in direction that the chutes were coming down and headed for them. Plane was in flames as it went down and hit the water.

Source: MACR 1400

Note* – Island Eigerøya, Norway
Note** – Varhaug, Norway


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