B-17 Flying Fortress B-17 42-3101 / Man O’ War

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-3101 / Man O’ War


  • RCL: VP-?; MS-T

MACR: 662


History of
B-17 42-3101 / Man O’ War

Delivered Cheyenne 10/2/43; Presque Is 28/4/43; Assigned 334BS/95BG Alconbury 1/5/43; transferred 533BS/381BG [VP- ] Ridgewell 21/7/43; Missing in Action 3+m Gilze Rijen 19/8/43 with Orlando Koenig535, Co-pilot: Joe Mangarpan, Navigator: Leon Spivey535, Bombardier: Ed O’Loughlin, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Leo Perkins535, Waist gunner: Russ Chester (6 Prisoner of War); Ball turret gunner: Walt Buran535, Waist gunner: Wilbert Jones535, Radio Operator: Art Everett535,Tail gunner: Gene Sabourin (4 Killed in Action); enemy aircraft caused severe battle damaged and aircraft disintegrated, crashed Oud-Rozenberg, W of Rotterdam, Hol., taking four to their deaths. Missing Air Crew Report 662. MAN O’ WAR.

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B-17 42-3101 / Man O’ War Details

Following is a statement made by 2Lt. William F. Cormany, Jr., 535th Bombardment Squadron (H), concerning Aircraft No. 42-3101:

We hade made the second run on target, dropped our bombs and turned on course to return to England. My position in the formation was #3 in the second element of the low squadron, low group.

The formation met attacks by Enemy Aircraft and during an attack from nine (9) o’clock level, Lt. Koenigs aircraft was hit, evidently by 20 mm cannon fire.

I saw the #3 gas tank and, soon, the entire inboard sector of the right wing, burning furiously.

The aircraft was definitely still under the control of the Pilot or Co-pilot as it left formation in an easy, slightly diving turn to the right, turning back into enemy-occupied territory. The tail gunner of my airplane, S/Sgt. Frank C Rumberger, reported seeing himself six parachutes from Lt. Koenig’s airplane.

Because the airplane was so well under control, it is the opinion of the undersigned that all uninjured personnel on board should have parachuted safely.

2Lt. William F. Cormany, Jr.

Following is a statement made by 1Lt. Dexter Lishon, 534th Bombardment Squadron (H), concerning Aircraft No. 42-3101.

Aircraft #101 piloted by Lt. Koenig was last seen leaving the formation under control in a gliding turn to the right. His #3 engine was on fire and 6 parachutes were seen before the plane went out of sight of our formation.

He was headed back into Holland. The cause of this plane’s destruction was Enemy Aircraft. Three FW 190’s (checker board noses) came in from 11 o’clock from the sun. It did not appear as if any other ship in the formation was firing on them except mine (#2 second element) because of the glare from the sun. The Enemy Aircraft shot over the cockpit and got the #3 engine. One seemed to get him from above while another was a little bit lower and got him from below.

1Lt. Dexter Lishon

Following is a statement made by 2Lt. Seth A. Armstead, Jr., 535th Bombardment Squadron (H), concerning Aircraft No. 42-3101:

On August 20, 1943 [sic], I saw aircraft #101 piloted by Lt. Koenig sho down by a FW 190 at 1825. He received a 20 mm cannon in the No. 3 engine and gas tank causing the leading edge of the right wing to start burning. Lt. Koenig was squadron leader of the 381st and left his position with the airplane under control.

He turned the ship toward Holland and there were six parachutes seen leaving the airplane #101. The enemy aircraft that shot Lt. Koenig down came in from 11 o’clock in a group of three.

2Lt. Seth A. Armstead, Jr.

Source: MACR 662


B-17 42-3101 / Man O’ War Crew

Position Rank Name Status Note
P 1LT Orlando H. Koenig POW
CP 2LT Joseph L. Mangarpan, Jr. POW
BOMB 2LT Edward J. O'Loughlin POW
ENG/TT T/SGT Leo I. Perkins POW
RO T/SGT Russel Chester POW
BT S/SGT Walter J. Buran KIA
WG S/SGT Arthur L. Everett KIA
WG S/SGT Wilbert G. Jones KIA
TG S/SGT Eugene A. Sabourin KIA

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