History of the
B-17 #42-31131 / Satan’s Sister

Delivered Dallas 24/9/43; Gr Island 9/10/43; Wilmington 14/10/43; Assigned 563BS/388BG Knettishall 26/10/43; Missing in Action Ludwigshafen 30/12/43; hit by prop wash from with 42-31176, crashed Birkenu-Odenwald, 12 miles NE of Ludwigshaven, Ger; Missing Air Crew Report 3041. SATAN’S SISTER.

Details 42-31131 / Satan’s Sister

B-17 #42-31176 ‘Flak Suit’ slid in front of B-17 42-31131 ‘Satan’s Sister’ causing it to go out of control, rolled over and broke in half in the middle of the radio room.

Bombardier Edgar Franklin Slentz was smashed to the plexiglas during the spin. He broke it and fell to the ground without parachute.

Radio operator Daniel (Danny) Letter fell from the open radio compartment without parachute.

Waist gunner Charles Henry Parizo helpt ball turret gunner Frank Salvatore Brincat to get out from the turret. Frank Salvatore Brincat bailed out and becam POW. Charles Henry Parizo died and was found in the wrackage.


More information (German):

Crew 42-31131 / Satan’s Sister

P2LTArthur W. CarlsonKIA
CP2LTBen H. ScogginKIA
BOMB2LTEdgar Franklin SlentzKIA
ENG/TTT/SGTHarrold Lee HawkinsKIA
ROT/SGTDaniel (Danny) LetterKIA
BTS/SGTFrank Salvatore BrincatPOW
WGS/SGTJames Alexander NealPOW
WGS/SGTCharles Henry ParizoKIA
TGS/SGTRobert Edward ScalleyPOW

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    Frank Salvatore Brincat is my uncle on my mothers side


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